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Step 1: Design the Tasbih

The first step to making a premium Tasbih is inspiration and design. We look for inspiration in the diverse Islamic prayer bead traditions all over the world. Whether it  is the Moroccan, Turkish, Western African, Egyptian or Malay styles we study them closely to see what elements to include in the set. 

We also seek inspiration from meaningful Islamic people, places, and concepts to give symbolic value to the tasbih.  

Once we've got a concept we put it to paper and prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. 


Step 2: Source Premium Exotic Materials

Step 3: Cut the Material

Step 4: Bore the Holes for the String

Step 5: Carve the beads

Step 6: Carve the Minaret

Step 7: Carve the Tasbih divider pieces

Step 8: Treat and Stain (Optional)

Step 9: String the set together

Step 10: Tassel the Tasbih

Step 11: Testing and QA

Soul. Matters.