1. What is a Misbaha Bracelet?

Our Misbaha Bracelets are premium handcrafted Islamic prayer beads that are designed to fit snugly and securely around the wrist.

2. What's the story behind the Misbaha Bracelet concept?

Two years ago, we sought to craft a Misbaha bracelet that not only paid tribute to the great tradition of Misbaha art tradition, but that also manifested the aesthetic sensibilities of our age. Our vision was to craft a piece that would inspire. Once released, the reception was outstanding. People all over the world seemed to find meaning in our work, and when the reviews started to roll-in we became certain that it was all worth it.

3. What is Malachite?

Malachite is a translucent to opaque mineral, a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral to be precise. It is formed at shallow depths within the Earth, in fractures, caverns, and cavities. Its deep greens do not fade over time, even when exposed to light. Malachite’s bright polished luster intensely contrasts its slender, pitch dark bands, conquering the hearts of many.

4. What is Ebony Wood?

Ebony is a dense type of hardwood, yielded by several species in the genus Diospyros, that has a slick, smooth texture and therefore an aesthetic appeal. Because it is so high in natural oil, ebony acquires a highly natural shine once finished. Its reds and browns have pleased the eye throughout time and space.

5. What is Lava Stone?

This smoky stone literally sprouted from underneath the crust of the earth, bursting out as lava only to cool down into a rock. Lava stone is traversed by fine air pockets, making it wonderfully light yet lending it a solid feel at the same time.

6. What's so special about the thread?

It is the secret behind the durability of a set of prayer beads is what keeps it all together. We have spent years of testing to find a string that can stand the test of time. It is mighty strong—stronger than steel—yet featherly light. Produced through a patented process, this thread is even able to resist the cutting effect harder gemstones may have because of friction.

Its longevity is what persuaded us. It is the core of our lifelong guarantee.

No more desperately trying to collect lost beads on the floor—this string is one to count on!

7. Why are they handcrafted?

Our masterfully hand-crafted tasbihs are made with meaning, and with excellence. Mirroring the intentionality behind our existence as humans, our artisans create stunning objects for you to use and gift. This is the opposite of the automated production that lacks any purposefulness. Being human is precious. What humans do is precious.

8. Will my Misbaha arrive on time?

Our product is very unique and we thus have clients from all over the world. We do our best to choose the most efficient couriers (we never use budget shippers that are unreliable) and we even cover customs if the destination country allows it. We do all we can to make our international clients’ experience as seamless as possible. Most of our products are shipped from our main US warehouse. We ship within 24 hours and depending on your shipping choice you should receive your set within 10 business days. 
9. Do you accept returns?
Yes! We offer a 30-day policy. Simply contact our customer support team and you will be in good hands. 
10. Will I pay customs?
We do all we can to clear customs before our work is shipped. Many countries allow us to pre-pay customs and we always do. That being said, there are times when customers may be charged customs, but this is very rare.
11. Are the gemstones authentic?
Yes. We take great care to source the finest natural materials. Our gemstones are guaranteed to be of the finest grade.
12. Will my Misbaha Break?
Our top priority is durability. We want your set to last a lifetime. It is with this vision that we source the most durable material, choose our designs, and most importantly select our string.  After years of experimentation and research, we have honed in the strongest strings available in the world market. We use highly abrasive resistant strings to last you a lifetime
We are so confident that we offer a lifetime guarantee.
13. Are payments on your website secure?
Yes. We take the utmost care to secure our e-commerce platform with highly secure payment gateways and SSL-protected transactions.
14. What is covered in the lifetime guarantee?
Everything in life is temporary; it's just that some things are made to last longer than others. Even mountains wear away, eventually. Our warranty does not cover rough handling. Our beads are designed for devotion, not dramatic action stunts. We guarantee that you will own a functional set for the rest of your life. This comes down to the main string and the main beads. Our warranty does not cover the tassels, the counter beads, the abacus counter, or any other accessories.
15. Can I pay cash on delivery?
Unfortunately, we only accept online payments. Rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 30-day return policy. 
16. Will my shipment be delayed?
We take great care to choose the most efficient couriers. We take our post-purchase service very seriously and do all we can to ensure a hassle-free experience. 
17. Where are you based? 
Our headquarters is in Allentown PA, USA.  We also operate a fulfillment center in the Middle East. Our shipments are always shipped express and are all ensured. 
18. When will my Misbaha Bracelet arrive?
Shipments are fulfilled within 24 hours of your order and take approximately 7-10 business days to arrive.
19. Why do your Tasbih sell out so quickly?
Our craft is a very time-intensive one. It takes many days of diligent work to craft a quality Tasbih. This means that by definition all of our work is 'limited edition'. Some of our sets sell out within days of release, and although we do our best to meet this demand, the nature of our craft must be respected. 
20. Do you have a physical store?
Currently, we only operate online at basmalabeads.com 
Stay tuned for exciting announcements in this regard soon!