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The Beads

That's a great question. We will keep it short:  

1. Beautiful Designs

2. Master craftsmanship

3. Premium, natural, ethically sourced materials

4.  Fair-trade 

5. Guaranteed for life

In our Islamic tradition we believe everything in creation has a level of consciousness.

This is the reality behind the frequently repeated verse “All that is in the heavens and the earth is in continuous praise of God.”

We also know that what we call inanimate objects will be speak and act as  witnessesto good and evil actions.

Objects that are used for good such as Zikr are felicitous and objects that are used for evil are miserable and complain to their creator about their owner.

The materials that we fashion into beads with the intention of zikr are imbued with this intention and are very happy to serve that cause.

We refer to the Quranic verse “There is nothing in the heavens and the earth except that it praises its Lord (in its own way) but you do not fathom its (way of) praise.”

All materials have uniqueness in their praising of the One as every child of Adam does.

Whether it is a certain Zikr that resonates with the soul more than another or a verse of the Quran we are created to connect differently to our creator.

This diversity in creation is what we celebrate.

We know that every person has materials that connect with its counterpart differently.

We will leave it up to you to decide.

Great question!

Click here to read all about it.

We are sure you'll  be as convinced as we are that premium materials one of the keys to crafting  premium beads.

While our prices may seem quite high to someone who is not familiar with the market value of premium handcrafted Islamic prayer beads, our prices are actually very reasonable considering the quality and materials.

Handcrafted Islamic prayer beads are quite difficult to make and even more difficult to master.

A single set can sometimes require the direct attention of 4 specialized craftsmen to complete.   

Furthermore, we insist on paying our craftsmen and women honorable wages.

We are sure that you would agree that it wouldn't be right to create instruments of intimate devotion in a sweatshop with underpaid workers? 

Fair-trade is not an optional matter for us, it's a principle based condition. 

Let us add one more important note. Our prayer beads are guaranteed for life. Meaning that this could quite possibly be the last set you ever purchase. If you are a regular user of Islamic prayer beads (tasbih) our sets will undoubtedly pay for themselves.

Cheap imitations have a life of 3 months to 2 years with regular use and can cost anywhere from $10-$25. Do the math :)


In fact we would argue we are being very environmentally responsible by using horns and camel ivory.

All the materials are ethically sourced.

Camels and rams are consumed by indigenous communities.

We are simply making sure that every part of the blessed Halal sacrifice is put to good use.

Yes! Many of our fans do just that, and they are not alone. Muslims have been wearing payer beads for centuries to serve as a gentle a reminder, to themselves and others, that every single thing around them is a sign showing them the way home.

Peoples head and wrist sizes are not all the same. Based on the average sizes though the Islamic Prayer Beads medium size and above can be worn as a necklace. The 8mm Islamic Prayer beads can be worn on the wrist if wrapped 4 times.

Our BasmalaBraceletsare designed to fit perfect around your wrist. They are the first Islamic bracelets true to the tradition.

Most of our fans prefer to use the medium and large sizes from our Islamic prayer bead ( Tasbih ) collection as necklaces.

BasmalaBracelets are premium handcrafted islamic prayer beads that are designed to fit snuggly and securely around the wrist. 

While other prayer bracelets are mass produced with cheap materials our sets are just as precious as our premium prayer bead models.

In fact, they are considered even more difficult to craft because of the scale. 

We've designed them to serve as a constant reminder.

They're not only practical, fashionable, and extremely pleasing to the eye- they also represent a timeless tradition of handcrafted Islamic prayer beads that aim to erase the distinction between the spiritual and the mundane.

The BasmalaBracelet is designed to blend seamlessly with your daily routine. 

Just pull the hand-carved minaret (long bead) to unfasten the set, wrap it around your wrist three times, fasten it once more, and behold: your prayer beads are now snugly fit around your wrist! 

Our top priority is durability. We want your set to last a lifetime.

It is with this vision that we source the most durable material, choose our designs, and most importantly select our string. 

We can't overstate the importance of the string. 

It's the single most important part of the durability of a set.

It is what holds it all together.

It is the hidden soldier. Not seen or noticed but all is depending on it.

It's one of the main reason cheap mass-manufactured sets last only a few months.

After years of experience and research we have honed in the strongest strings available in the world market.

We use highly abrasive resistant strings like Kevlar to last you a lifetime

We are so confident that we offer a lifetime guarantee. 

Shipping and Returns

Yes! Not only do we ship internationally, we also do it economically.

We offer FREE shipping for orders above $100 worldwide (shipping is only $10 for orders less than $100.)

We are one family. 

We ship from Pennsylvania, USA for all website orders.

Custom orders are shipped directly from our workshop.

For international orders, certain transit countries may not supply regular updates.

Don't worry!

Once your beads have passed through a more technically adept space your tracking info should update.

Fear not, your order should arrive on time.

It all depends on the shipping option you choose (business day transit times are available at checkout).

We usually ship the next business day, so make sure you take that into consideration when ordering on a weekend.

If you are not satisfied with your set within 7 days contact us.

Carefully read our Guarantee FAQand then submit you replacement request.