100 Year Warranty on Handmade Bracelets, Prayer Beads & Islamic Sibha / Tasbih

If it’s our fault that the main string breaks because of poor craftsmanship or defective materials, then BasmalaBeads® will fix it or replace it for free for 100 years under our 100 year warranty. Even mountains wear away, eventually. 


Our 100 year warranty on handmade bracelets, prayer beads & Islamic Sibha / Tasbih does not cover misuse or the tassels or any other parts of the set except for the main beads and string. We guarantee our handmade bracelets, prayer beads & Islamic Sibha / Tasbih will be functional and beautiful for 100 years, but we can't promise they will alway look brand-new. It's called aging gracefully. :)


Remember to sort out your BasmalaBeads® legacy in your will,  and if there’s ever an issue, just have one of your descendants contact us or one of our descendants and rest assured that we'll take care of them.

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