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The Ellipse II - Golden Ram Horn

Natural Style
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We've crafted the beads of this set in the traditional elliptical shape.

This shape draws its inspiration from the archetypal egg which represents rebirth and new beginnings.

We find this shape to be extremely elegant and pleasing to the eye. The elongated nature of this shape lends itself to a very smooth zikr experience.

Crafted with untreated ethically sourced and halal Golden Ram Horn this set is absolutely stunning.

To new beginnings!

Bead Shape: Egg

Bead Count: 33

Bead Size 10mm x 13 mm

Material: Ram Horn (ethically sourced and halal) 

Note: No two sets are ram horn sets are alike. We have done our best to categorize our work into 'Golden' and 'Marbled' as we understand that some tasbih lovers have particular preferences in the general aesthetics of their sets. That being said, your set will be absolutely unique. Absolutely no dyes have been added. 

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