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The Treasure Tasbih Collection

For years we have dreamed of the day that we could offer this collection.

We have always been enamored by the otherworldly beauty of natural stones.

But, as you must know, stone tasbihs just do not last. The thread is destined to break, with a few weeks, if not days, of regular use.

This has all changed.

About a year ago we discovered an exceptionally strong thread.

Strong enough to earn our trust.

We are now finally able to share this collection with you and guarantee it for life.

Crafted with fine stones and luxurious exotic ebony, this collection has a spirit of deep grounded Love.

After months of preparation, we present to you a The Treasures Collection

The Treasures Collection

I've always been a bit of a precious/semi-precious stone enthusiast. I purchased this as a gift for the one at whose feet lie my door to Paradise - my mother. She seems to like using it for zikr after Tahajjud prayers :)

Jawhara T.


"The workmanship is beautiful. This is a gift to myself, as a companion to remind me to be grateful and thankful to Allah. I have fallen in love with my gift, it reminds me to step back from the world and connect with Allah more often."

Glynis R.


"It's been a while since I used the tasbih. And I loved it. It's beautiful and smooth to the touch. It's not too heavy and not too light. It's one of the best gift that I got for myself. I can feel how specially crafted the beads are. A masterpiece."

Nia A.


Durability. Quality. Attention to detail.

Guaranteed for life.

If you've purchased a stone Misbah before, you must know that they simply don't last.

This one is different.

This Misbah is strung with a thread so strong and abrasion resistant that we guarantee it for life.

If, in fact, it ever breaks we will replace it.