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Why do you give Eid gifts?

It's one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

It nurtures love, heals wounds, and spreads deep joy.

(and the AMAZING thing is that the YOU experience all of these things more than the recipients do!)

Why has Eid become so boring? 

The problem is that over the years gift-giving has become ritualistic.

We find ourselves giving because 'it's in season' and the recipients of our gifts, although grateful, naturally forget about our offering after a few hours or days.  

It's not our fault and it's definitely not theirs. 

We live in unprecedented times. Our attention is a commodity. We are overwhelmed by stimuli and things like the extremely intimate act of Eid gift-giving are, as a result, 'squeezed in'.

The deep warmth and love that is meant to fill our hearts when we give and receive Eid gifts often dampened and short-lived. 

That's not how it is supposed to be. 

The Eid Gift That Changed Everything

This became very clear to me about 10 years ago when I received my first handcrafted tasbih from a dear friend. I give and receive gifts all the time, but this was different.

Very different.

I soon found myself making zikr more that I ever did before. I found myself using my tasbih in the most important moments of my life. The moments where I sought comfort and healing. The moments I was grateful. The moments I was in need. The moments I had nowhere else to turn.

That's when realized something profound

Every time I turned to my tasbih in these precious moments, I remembered my dear friend who gifted my beautiful tasbih.

And my love for them increased profoundly.

I felt a connection to them was stronger than ever (despite the fact we didn't see each other as much).

To be honest, It was only then that I understood what a gift was. 

This is why we are so passionate about Tasbihs.

Why Tasbihs Make The Perfect Eid Gift

  • They are carefully handcrafted with natural materials. This is something you will FEEL and, believe us, so will your loved ones.
  • They are durable guaranteed for life. The gift you are about to select will not be forgotten. 
  • Each tasbih is unique. The many types of organic materials, styles, and sizes are intended to reflect our diverse tastes. They will sense how much thought you put in it.
  • We package our Tasbihs with love. We put great attention to make sure that our packaging reflects the work we do. We also include a small booklet that explains the significance of the tasbih so that they will understand its value. 

      Fight the Gift Card Reflex

      Fight the urge to overthinkTo worry if the tasbih is their style. This is one of the most important elements of the art of Eid gifting. 

      Give them the tasbih that YOU see to match their personality and spirit. 

      The current culture of gift-cards is convenient and well-intended.

      But, a thoughtful gift, even if it differs from what they would have chosen themselves, sends an amazing signal of love and concern that is simply, well, beautiful.

      The choice you are about to make is an easy one if you allow the decision to flow naturally from your love for the recipients. 

      May this Eid be unlike any other.




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