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Sorabe - { Madagascan Kambaba Stone }

This set was released on July 18th, 2020, and subsequently sold out in a few hours. We are now accepting a limited number of pre-orders.

Your set will ship out within 40 business days of purchase.

We are limiting the number of pre-orders we accept due to a limited supply of premium Kambaba stone that is available to guarantee swift delivery. 



What on earth is Sorabe?

You've heard the legends of beautiful Madagascar. But have you heard of their beautiful language?

It's called Malagasy. It's spoken by the 18 million inhabitants of the beautiful island.

Now let us let you in on a little know fact: It's first written script used the Arabic alphabet!

This script is called Sorabe. (From the Arabic 'Surah'  and the Malagasy 'be' meaning large)

Sorabe was introduced by Muslim traders from Java and was adopted as the main writing system for centuries.

As a tribute to this beautiful legacy, let us a introduce you to this work of art.

Crafted with Ebony and Kambaba stone, a gorgeous green and black quartz only found in Madagascar, this tasbih is as unique as, well, Sorabe.



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