Handmade Bracelet, Companion Sunset Kuk and Camel (100 beads)


Life most times can be overwhelming, to the point where we may begin to lose ourselves. While some find it easy retracing their steps back to the ultimate truth, some people need a constant reminder in sight, to keep their focus in perspective of what is truly important.

Whichever side you find yourself, do note that it is entirely reasonable to feel this way, and that is why the Sunset Kuk And Camel Prayer Bracelet Companion By BasmalaBeads was designed and developed.

You don't have to separate your work and social life from your spiritual life, we believe you can find a balance among all of them, and that is what this bead does, plus it's stylish too, so you don't have to worry about matching outfits.

The Basmala Premium Sunset Companion Bracelet is handcrafted to specifications similar to what has been practiced for thousands of years, just that this time, we have made it a more functional.

Basmala is dedicated to giving back to the community, and on that note, 33% of our profits go to charity.

About The Product

THE WORLD'S FIRST PREMIUM ISLAMIC PRAYER BRACELET: Designed to serve as a constant reminder. It's not only practical, fashionable, and extremely pleasing to the eye- it also represents a timeless tradition of handcrafted Islamic prayer beads that aims to erase the distinction between the spiritual and the mundane.

CONNECTION: BasmalaBracelets are designed to be worn as a subtle yet present motivation for your connection with your spiritual life. For moments when you need a little motivation, they will always be there to remind you of what is truly important.

NATURAL: This bracelet  is crafted from 100% materials to preserve the old tradition of authenticity and purity. Made with finest Kuk seed and eco-friendly camel ivory, this set is breathtaking!

HANDCRAFTED: BasmalaBeads strives to employ experienced and ethically compensated  hands  in the creations of all of her goods, and the Sunset Kuk And Camel Prayer Bracelet Companion is no exception. We strive to preserve the heritage of true moral perfection.

PRACTICAL DESIGN: This bead is designed to blend seamlessly with your daily routine. Just pull the hand-carved minaret (long bead) and to unfasten the set, wrap it around your wrist three times, fasten it once more, and behold: your prayer beads are now snugly fit around your wrist! 



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