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The Cypriot



  • Imagine yourself sitting on the shore of Larnaca lake meters away from the beautiful white dome of Hala Sultan Mosque. It is just after dawn and you've just completed your zikr and now sit in a state of purity and muraqaba. Although you woke up this morning feeling a sense of gloom that today was your last day on your visit to Cyprus, at this moment all of your sadness has vanished. It's been replaced with a deep state of contentment. You open your eyes and gaze upon the lands that were once traversed on by the blessed female companion of the Holy Prophet, Umm Hiram bint Milhan (Hala Sultan), and you smile.  You think to yourself, "That which brought this blessed lady all the way to Cyprus is exactly what now asks me to bid farewell."....Destiny.

  • Now you must honor it as it has honored her.

  • Fashioned with premium materials this set is crafted in the traditional Cypriot style; 199 beads are separated in a very particular way. On one side the set is split into three sections of 33 beads. The other side is marked after the 10th, 70th, and the 100th bead.  Although this may seem like an unorthodox style, take it from us, it's very conducive to higher repetitions of zikr, and seems to make long sessions easier and lighter on the heart. Traditions are preserved for a reason.

    It's definitely not for everyone, but if you've read this far and you are feeling the way we do about this beauty, it may be the perfect set for you.


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