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Reject The Throw-Away Culture

Most Tasbihs (even those marketed as premium) will ONLY last  2-24 months with regular use. And this does not include stone Tasbihs which will rarely make it past 3 months without breaking.

That's devastating. The relationship one has with their Tasbih is so deep, so meaningful, that such a loss is tragic.

Imagine buying a beautiful tasbih and using it every day. Turning to it in life's most precious moments to reconnect. Fast forward a few months and look at the tasbih.

Is it the same? Is it just an accessory?


It's a priceless companion. Reflecting your sacred journey, like a mirror. 

Now imagine, walking downtown on a weekend with your children, and snap..the string breaks! The beads are everywhere. Your children laugh, and you put on a smile- taking it in stride. But inside you are devastated. 

This is not how it is supposed to be.

No, your journey is sacred and we want your Tasbih to be with you for all of it. 

We want you to experience the pleasure of developing an intimate relationship that deepens with time.  

What you need to know about our craft:

  • They are made with fine organic materials so you can be inspired by the natural beauty to seek tranquility and peace in your Zikr.
  • They are handmade, taking days to craft. When you hold them you will FEEL the difference.
  • They have been designed with both aesthetics and durability in mind. We use a specialty string that can stand the test of time. If it breaks we will replace it. For life. 
  • Our prayer bracelets are fully functional Tasbihs. These are even tougher to craft than larger tasbihs, this will be clear when you put it on. Our bracelets remind you to stay regular with your Zikr. 

The Tasbihs below are not simply accessories. They are your companions in life.
The choice you are about to make is a very intimate and special one. 

Don't miss out.