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Is it strange that my Kids love my Tasbih more than my iPhone?

So, we are the tasbih guys. We make them, love them, use them, and collect them. But guess what? We've discovered that our kids love them even more.

In fact, it's a bit excessive, our post-prayer Zikr often turns into a game of tug-a-war, as our young seekers try and join in.

While at first, we thought our children were a bit strange and possibly inherited this peculiar fixation from us, after asking around we realized that this is actually a thing.

Kids love tasbihs. 

Help them Fall in Love with Zikr

That's where we saw an opportunity.

As you know, the first formative years of our children's lives (ages 5-13) are the most significant in terms of character building and disposition. 

What if we could do somehow make them LOVE Zikr? 

What if we could make it exciting and build a strong connection to Zikr that would last a lifetime?

Crafting a Fun Tasbih

With this inspiration in mind, we went to work, sourcing the materials and styles that we thought would help us do just that.

We did all we could to preserve traditional proportions, and styles, while making them as attractive to our kids as possible.

  • We experimented with beads sizes, shapes, and counts until we designed the perfect kid set. We've made the counter beads just a little oversized to make it as easy as possible. Your child will feel it was crafted specifically for them (because it was!).
  • The (33) beads with a three bead counter is a set designed specifically to help our children build the habit of the post-prayer Zikr (33/33/33).
  • We put a ton of thought into choosing fun colorful materials. Your child will naturally make the conclusion that: ZIKR IS FUN!

Our kids absolutely love them and we hope your precious ones will too.