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The Premium Tasbih

Our work is by definition, limited edition. Our Tasbihs often sell out in days. Because of the limitations of ethically sourced material and the time it takes to craft our work with perfection, many designs are never reintroduced.

Worry not, everything is written. May today be the day you find your Tasbih companion.

Guaranteed for life.

We believe that some objects carry a value so intimate that they should never be thrown away. It is with this intention that we build our work with durability as a guiding principle. And it is with this intention that we stand by our work, for life.

Natural Materials

We believe that natural organic materials, when crafted with reverence and respect, produce objects that enhance our human experience. Why? Well, there are some things that simply must be experienced.

You'll see.


Every set is the fruit of hours of focused work. This labour of love is something that many of our customers appreciate and feel when they receive our work. Focus is a rarity these days, we hope that these tasbihs serve as a reminder of its power.

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