There's always something awkward about this time of year.

Modern brands depend on Black Friday for sales.

It's not something we've been eager to participate in at Basmala. Consumer mania, greed, all of it is off-putting.

After receiving some feedback, we decided to do something productive instead of ignoring it completely this year.

Rather, we would like to add a little SOUL to the season.

It’s in this spirit that we announce our 2022 GIFT sale. 

Our intention is to provide our clients with meaningful and deep gifts for their families and friends.

Everybody should have the opportunity to give a Misbaha, at least once. It is an experience that is the polar opposite of those encouraged this season.

As well as being ecstatic when your loved one accepts your gift, there is something incomprehensibly touching when you realize that at any moment, they could be connecting with their highest purpose.

The feeling of watching loved ones use a misbaha you gifted them is incomparable.

Wishing you an unforgettable experience of gifting.

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