The Precious Traveller (Minimal) - Inspiration, Materials, and Composition


Imagine yourself sitting on the pearly white tiles outside the prophetic mosque in Medinah as a gentle breeze embraces you. You sit facing one of the most deeply adored and venerated sites in the cosmos: the Green Dome. As you gaze forward, your heart is filled with love and your spirit rejuvenated and renewed.

How does it feel?

We’ve designed this set to capture that moment and to take you there whenever your beautiful heart yearns for it.

Fashioned from ethically sourced Camel Ivory and perfectly accented with natural green malachite gemstones, this set will inspire you for years to come. Mesmerizing yet deeply welcoming, this bracelet is part of our limited edition collection, with only a small batch produced.

It’s always intriguing to think to ourselves as we craft and prepare sets like these, “Who are these destined for?”

Could it be you?

This BasmalaBraclet is designed according to traditional specifications and crafted to fit perfectly around your wrist with a subtle modern style that you will adore.

They are fully functional prayer beads that serve as your go-to "I need a minute to collect and connect" set.

Let this subtle work of art remind you that your free moments, when experienced with presence, are as precious as you are.




Bead Material

Ethically Sourced Camel Ivory (Halal / Tahir)


Pure White and Green


North Africa

Bead Count


Bead Diameter

5 mm

Bead Shape


Thread Type

Braided Kevlar® Thread (Guaranteed for life)

Tassel Type

Signature Basmala Bracelet Fastening System


3 Beaded Counter 

Wrist Size

One-size-fits-most (adjustable)

Set Length

10 cm (not including tassel-work)

Tassel Length

5 cm