The Black Stone - Tourmaline Gemstones - Inspiration, Materials, and Composition



In the depths of the Arabian Desert, there is a stone. A stone, that for reasons beyond the grasp of the human intellect, has been chosen by the heavens to be the subject of reverence and love. 

It is loved by women and men, who are certain that it has no power or will, it is just a stone.

But they know that it is the nature of true Love.

Love for no reason. No aim. No motive. 

Love in the name of the One.


Tourmaline Gemstones:

Tourmaline is a gem with remarkable properties:

  • It is a pyroelectric stone (it generates electricity when heated similar to Amber). This effect was first discovered by the Greek naturalist Theophrastus, who noted that when heated tourmaline attracted small fragments of straw.
  • It is a dichroic crystal (it has different absorption coefficients for different polarization of light). This means that varying amounts of light are absorbed of the surface of the stone, resulting in interesting optical properties.

What does this have to do with The Black Stone? Well, we will leave you to make the connections.



Bead Material

Black Tourmaline  (Schorl)

Stone Color

Deep Black

Stone Refractive Index


Stone Mohs Hardness


Bead Count


Bead Diameter

8 mm

Bead Shape


Thread Type

Braided Specialty Thread (Guaranteed for life)

Minaret Material

Exotic African Blackwood

Tassel Type

Africana (Hand-woven by Fatima)


2x (10 bead counters)

Maximum Repetitions

1 Million (Abacus Counting System)

Set Length

46 cm (not including tassel-work)

Tassel Length

11 cm


120 g