SULEIMAN'S STONE - 33 BLESSINGS - LIMITED EDITION - 33 BEADS - Inspiration, Materials, and Composition

The blessed know that although you can never 'count their blessing' that they should never stop trying.

Introducing the 33 Blessings Collection.

Crafted with majestic Suleiman Aqeeq, known for its majestic bands, and exotic ebony, this piece of art is a blessing in itself.

Unlike your blessings, this set is limited.  It is not expected to be crafted in significant quantities in the foreseeable future.


    Suleiman Aqeeq
    Color Multi-Color Aqeeq Agate
    Bead Count 33
    Bead Diameter 10 mm
    Bead Shape Spherical
    Tassel Type Traditional Anatolian 
    Counter Type 4 Bead Counters
    Set Length 39 cm (not including tassel-work)
    Weight 60 g