Customer Reactions

“Enjoying this piece of art since I bought it. Very rich and high in quality materials. I highly recommend it."

- Mohammad, Dubai

“I've been using beads as a part of my path for over 40 years, and I can say without any hesitation that this set is the finest I've ever used.  I've already run thousands of rounds and have come to feel very close to this Misbaha. I may find myself purchasing more than one for the simple artistry of them. They may seem pricey, but in my opinion they're worth every single penny.”

- Mo, USA

“One of the best I have seen, beautiful beads, nice to hold, solid feel, came in a nice box, very satisfied with this product.”

- Dr. Hesham, USA

"You guys are great - I bought one set for myself and have given three others as gifts to friends for Ramadan and everyone loves them! This second set was a gift to myself because it’s helped me to get onto a daily dhikr habit which during a particularly difficult time for all of us is very soothing. Thank you ☺️ I’ll use them well and inshallah keep ordering from you and recommending you to friends!Oh and my cat likes to attack my beads when I’m using them despite me trying to prevent it and thus far they’ve held up beautifully"

- Maria, USA

"Ramadan Mubarak! I wish you and yours  a successful and fulfilling month. I’m trying to improve my way of dhikr and the wonderful bracelet that I have is so lovely and truly a joy to use. Knowing that your product is so superior to any that I have seen, I look forward to using it for years to come."

- Debra, USA

"I had been searching for prayer beads for weeks on different sites but wasn’t connecting to any of them. They were all for viewing and purchasing. It got to a point where I wanted my own prayer beads made up by what I designed in my head. Then I found the Basmala Beads Website. The design and layout and written info touched my soul, heart, mind but mostly my spirit. I smile to myself because I believe that Allah approved these beads for me and now I look forward to their arrival. I see it as Allah’s choice. They will be used for not only daily prayers but for whenever I pray. So thank you  and may Allah continue to bless you and your service."

- Mark, USA

“Excellent Islamic prayer beads. I'm used to the cheap factory made ones but this took my breath away. It is top quality and it is big compared to conventional ones. It feels amazing in my hands. ...It also seems pretty sturdy and it is light. It comes in a nice box. Definitely worth the price, this is like a piece of jewelry to me which hopefully if it lasts, I'll have my kids inherit it. Btw this would make an excellent b-day gift.”

- John, USA

"The sibha is made with fastidious attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. I particularly like the two movable tassels counters that enable easy dhikr of distinct litanies, in addition to tracking high numbers. The beads are spaced with markers at 33-17-17-33.

This specific sibha has wonderfully smooth young olive beads with variance in colour from brown, grey and green, that flow between the fingers with satisfying audible clicks.

إن الله جميل يحب ألجمال

BasmalaBeads take their craft seriously and it shows in the beauty of their product"

- Mujtaba, Canada

“Asalaam alaikum! I picked up my order where I had it shipped and just opened it now. I'm in LOVE with the tasbeehs! MashaAllah the craftsmanship is exquisite and it far exceeds my expectations. It feels so wonderful in my hands. I love the box that it came in and with the scented fennel much care and attention to detail, subhanaAllah. May Allah bless you, your family and your business, ameen!

My dad is going to love his gift insha'Allah. Thank you for making it a special birthday for him!”

- Mariam, USA

"I really appreciate your craftsmanship and I pray that long may it continue.In a world where throwaway culture and cheap products have become the norm,to hold one of your tasbihs you can feel the love and passion in its making.

InshaaAllah I will cherish my Tasbih and I pray when I die I can pass it on to my children and they can also do Dhikr on it. JazakAllah Khairan."

- Assad, UK